the canvas of my thoughts

Female. Young. Tall. Long red hair. Freckles. Really white. Greenish-blueish-mustardish-reddish eyes (I know, I know.... It's complicated).

Sinful. Analytical. Descriptive. Reserved. Outgoing. Perfectionist. Sensitive. "Mandona" (Bossy & domineering). Intense (According to some people.).

I love...

Simplicity. Art in it's various forms (Literature, Music, Paintings, Sketches, Sculptures, Photography, and all the other "classics".). Colors. Reading. Writing. Thinking. Sketching. Creating. Bike riding. Walking. Sunrises ('Cause sunsets are overrated, people. Sorry.).

I really love...

My God, my family, & my friends.

I pray to be...

Better. The best I can be. More caring. More loving.

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"We can ALL do it!" by soirart
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7 Mistakes You Might Want To Avoid Now So They Don’t Become Lifelong Regrets



Following someone else’s dream

In 20, 30 or 40 years, do you think you’ll regret disappointing your parents when you were a kid or following the path you didn’t want? The sting of unfulfilled dreams is much more painful than that of disappointment.

However, the pain of not knowing what could have been is worst of all. Do yourself a favor and skip this regret, because it’s one that will most certainly define your entire life.

Not appreciating your parents

Your mother carried you for nine months, gave up her life of freedom to give you yours. Your parents gave you a life, a home and a will to survive. They raised you, worried about you and made you into the person you are today.

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