the canvas of my thoughts

Female. Young. Tall. Long red hair. Freckles. Really white. Greenish-blueish-mustardish-reddish eyes (I know, I know.... It's complicated).

Sinful. Analytical. Descriptive. Reserved. Outgoing. Perfectionist. Sensitive. "Mandona" (Bossy & domineering). Intense (According to some people.).

I love...

Simplicity. Art in it's various forms (Literature, Music, Paintings, Sketches, Sculptures, Photography, and all the other "classics".). Colors. Reading. Writing. Thinking. Sketching. Creating. Bike riding. Walking. Sunrises ('Cause sunsets are overrated, people. Sorry.).

I really love...

My God, my family, & my friends.

I pray to be...

Better. The best I can be. More caring. More loving.

State Library of Victoria

Located in Melbourne. The central library of the state of Victoria, Australia.

Reading Room and Dome

The landmark Domed Reading Room, which opened in 1913 and was designed by Norman G. Peebles. Its octagonal space was designed to hold over a million books and up to 500 readers. It is 34.75 m in both diameter and height, and its oculus is nearly 5 m wide. The dome was the largest of its type in the world on completion.

In 1965, the La Trobe Building annex was opened to house the Library’s Australiana collection, which has since moved to the La Trobe Reading Room.

Australian band Faker recorded their music video for ‘Hurricane’ inside the reading room in 2005.

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    Melbourne, Australia, You’re calling my name more and more everyday…
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    The State Library in Melbourne. I spent every single day of my last year in High School, in this room studying. I adore...
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