the canvas of my thoughts

Female. Young. Tall. Long red hair. Freckles. Really white. Greenish-blueish-mustardish-reddish eyes (I know, I know.... It's complicated).

Sinful. Analytical. Descriptive. Reserved. Outgoing. Perfectionist. Sensitive. "Mandona" (Bossy & domineering). Intense (According to some people.).

I love...

Simplicity. Art in it's various forms (Literature, Music, Paintings, Sketches, Sculptures, Photography, and all the other "classics".). Colors. Reading. Writing. Thinking. Sketching. Creating. Bike riding. Walking. Sunrises ('Cause sunsets are overrated, people. Sorry.).

I really love...

My God, my family, & my friends.

I pray to be...

Better. The best I can be. More caring. More loving.

WOOT!! It’s the weekend!!! XD

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